During the past decade I have dedicated much of my time to philanthropy and community development. Though community programming, crisis intervention efforts and networking, I strive to rehabilitate communities and community members.

During the COVID-19 crisis I and a team of volunteers initiated a food security program known as COMMUNITY CONNECT TORONTO. During our inception, we aimed to feed the immediate community as emergency food support. However, word quickly spread of our efforts and our numbers quickly grew!


To date, CCT and partners have fed nearly 2000 families and 12k individuals. This is a grand success!


All we have accomplished as Ontarians have been a profound marker in our history and for our future. This global emergency has brought us closer than ever before, and has paved the way for our next generation.


I believe that non-profit organizations represent our best, collective selves. They are a place of dreams, opportunity, and courage – A constant reminder that we can do better for all of our citizens, bust most importantly, for those who have been marginalized and left behind.

But today, many of the non-profits we rely upon are in trouble, and not just because of the pandemic. The impact of COVID-19 - unrelenting demands in the face of inadequate resources has only exacerbated years of insufficient funding, unstable policy environments, and burdensome and costly public contracting practices.  

We aim to improve the overall experience for those accessing food bank services – to provide access safe, healthy, and notorious food. Our team will continue to build and maintain all that is needed to ensure our communities are fed, and that no one is left hungry.



Ally Lariviere
Founder & Executive Director